Friday, August 28, 2009

Landing…. and im here

Hello my beautiful little butterscotch butterflies (ha-ha Inas), well anyways im going to start bloging (is bloging not a word??) about my time in Dubai, so that way my friends can stay up to date and I wont get too lonely…. So while on the plane I wrote a checklist of things I need to do while here, and I was also staring at a man for like 3 hours of the flight because I could have sworn it was Anwar, but I eventually stopped because he was getting creped out.

#1. I need to go out wearing those crazy bright jalabeyas with full on hot pink lips, bright eye shadow, 9inch heels, and a thousand dollar bag (Praying that roommate has a ridiculous amount of LV bags).

#2. Find my khalijie man (dishdasha, leather jacket, aviators, and sandals)

#3. Camp out with the gypsies in the desert

#4. Make friends (funny how this is not on the top of my list) and what the hell Emily blunt and john krasinski are engaged; umm they were dating, weird sorry I was reading people while typing this.

Well that’s it for about now, so I am going to go to bed now because I am dead tired and I have a long day tomorrow!

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Layla said...

viyan! i doubt you know who i am. but your gonna hav e to figure that out later on :P. soo anyways, ive been stalking your blog for a while and i like them. i miss you soooo freaking much!!! come back ASAP! and i cant cant wait for the cruise its gonna be so freakin AMAZING! so im at your house right now. its friday at 6:14pm. and we are watching WOWP! if you dont know what tht means it wizards of wavelery placE movie!! anyways i love you so much. dont forget me. and i hope that we ichat tonight maybe ?? <3

i shall email you :)