Wednesday, December 31, 2008


If you do want to wear your leather jacket with a dress, try to wear it like this ---------------------->
The key to mastering the look is to make it more boho than biker babe, combining masculine and feminine elements.

How to wear it...
Put a cropped leather topper with a flowing floor-length skirt and oversize jewelry (my personal favorite). Now that you have got the look, you're ready to walk down that runway. 


Leather jackets:

Kristen Stewart..... Fashion Victom #1 
Her look is effortless, but then again that's how she usually dresses. She sticks to a gray color dress, black silhouettes, and the LEATHER JACKET (wrong) all of which play on her Gothic type of glamor.

How to wear it..
instead of wearing it with a dress try a pair of dark skinny jeans and a long white tank top, but load up on the accessories like an armful of bangle and a chunky necklace.

To the left is a smart way to wear it!!